Published in Stirring: A Literary Collection, 
Vol. 18, Edition 11, Nov 2016

Anniversary Issue: Photo by Manit Chaotragoongit


In a brief flicker of a moment, Caroline locks eyes with her husband from the far side of the ballroom, across a sea of glittery gold and crimson. The exhaustion and pain is written on his forehead and brow, prematurely hardened as though the past five years together had turned into a hundred. Life was supposed to have just begun—they’re barely twenty-three—and yet it feels like they are at the very end. For weeks, they’d only managed to speak through small gestures and glances, ever since she moved out of the house and they’d run out of things to say. She blamed him, but really, they crossed over this line together, turning themselves inside out and stretching as thin as a human could stretch without breaking. Then a few hours ago, she had to hold it all in, walk in arm in arm as husband and wife. Smile for the pictures.

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